Printing on the hem of the 2m roof fabric

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Start Design

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Now you can design the tent printing yourself with our convenient web-based software and add it to the online store order. First select the color of the tent fabric to be used in the design program and then the size of the printing area. After these selections, you can access the design program by pressing the Start design button. When you are satisfied with the print, remember to save your print job and add it to the shopping cart.


If you want the same print on several sides, increase the number of copies as desired. You get a discount for printing additional sides!

When ordering multiple prints, remember to put in the “Order comments” which side the prints will be on! (e.g. for adjacent or opposite sides etc…)

When you decide to order a wonderful printed tent, remember to add not only the print but also the tent itself to the shopping cart.


The color of the tent

White, Grey, Blue, Green, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Cream

Print size

150 x 25 cm

Pakkauskoko - x - x - cm