Light and durable ULTRA STRONG ceilings and walls for the entire collection

TMK proudly presents the new ULTRA STRONG fabrics for all its tent collections. Ultra Stong ceilings and walls are made of very durable polyester fabric, which is very high-quality with a special PU coating. Ultra Strong fabrics were originally developed for extremely tough conditions such as military use, mountain climbers, sailors and to the extreme sports. The fabrics are extremely durable yet light (only 318g/m2). In the future, all the roofs and walls of NOPSA pop-up tents will be made from Ultra Stong fabrics, which are easy to maintain, dirt-repellent, completely waterproof and windproof, resistant to and prevent ultraviolet radiation, and fireproof (fire classification B1 DIN 4102-1). The purchase price of Ultra Stong fabrics is significantly more expensive than ordinary polyester fabrics, but still TMK offers ceilings and walls made of them at a very low price, i.e. at the price of ordinary fabric! In practice, the buyers of Nopsa pop-up tent therefore get a very significant advantage both in terms of quality and price. Better quality means longer service life, better user comfort and obvious savings!

The roofs of NOPSA tents are attached to the frame with sturdy corner adhesive loops and all sides are reinforced with quick locks to withstand even heavy wear. The automatic roof fabric tensioning mechanism keeps the roof taut even in difficult conditions. The walls are attached to the ceiling with the help of a convenient Velcro strip, and the corners can be tightly closed with zippers. The corners of the roof have durable metal rings for fastening. The package also includes durable steel ground stakes and fastening straps with a carabiner lock. There is a very comprehensive color selection for ULTRA STRONG ceilings and walls!

Facts about NOPSA pop-up tents
  • designed and made for Finland’s challenging conditions
  • the most popular tent collection on the markets
  • strong hexagonal frame made of very durable but light special aluminum
  • Very high-quality durable and light ULTRA STRONG fabrics for ceilings and walls (weight only 318g/m2)
  • completely waterproof and resistant to and blocking ultraviolet radiation
  • fire-resistant (fire classification B1 DIN 4102-1)
  • the multipurpose Nopsa quick tent is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • easy and fast set up in no time (even in less than 60 seconds)
  • convenient and safe height adjustment with NOPSA pop-up locks (not a button that can drop the tent unexpectedly)
  • adjustable to five different heights
  • joints and connecting parts exposed to heavy loads are made of steel/aluminum and others of durable nylon
  • nylon parts are very tough and durable whether it’s -30 C cold or +30 C hot
  • nylon parts are at all points where the fabric and frame meet, protecting the fabrics from wear
  • the automatic tensioning mechanism tightens the roof tightly even in difficult conditions
  • double-reinforced roof reinforcements protect the roof from abrasion in places subject to the heaviest stress, such as corners and the ridge of the roof
  • clever lock and tightening mechanism in the middle of the sides of the roof fabric
  • the roof is attached to the frame with sturdy adhesive loops
  • the opportunity to make the prints you want cheaply and with high quality and thus complete the desired look.
  • comprehensive spare parts and maintenance service
  • 2-year material warranty
  • responsibility: up to 80% of Nopsa-Pikatelta’s materials are recyclable!
Additional accessories guarantee functionality

Nopsa pop-up tents offer the best accessory options on the market. There is e.g. many kind of window walls. Also convenient sun and rain visors have attracted a lot of interest. Similarly, there are now items especially requested by clothing sellers, the so-called brackets and fixing irons, on which you can hang clothes racks or you can easily divide the tents into different sections. It is also worth remembering the different ones rain gutters, weights and the most diverse sales desks.

Easy to print logos and advertisements

Nopsa pop-up tents can be printed with your desired logos easily and at low additional costs. Thermal printing technology can also be used to print complex logos and small series at a reasonable price. It is our most popular printing option with a fast delivery time. Anything can be printed with digital printing technology, for example a photo or a landscape you want. The latest technology and a wonderful end result! Each print is priced individually based on the number of colors, the printing area and the technology used. You should always remember that asking for a quote costs nothing! On our website, you can design your own tent roof printing and you will immediately see a print of the roof and the price.

Nopsa pop-up tents are inexpensive

Nopsa pop-up tents are very competitively priced. High-quality Nopsa pop-up tents are clearly more affordable than e.g. their German or French competitors, as well as something completely different in “rubbish” quality from the some manufacturers, which are sold only with the help of a cheap price. Nopsa pop-up tents also always have a complete delivery package, which includes, in addition to the tent itself, a proper transport bag on wheels.